Seperately Managed Accounts of Traditional Investments

Our separately managed accounts of  traditional investments consist of no-load mutual funds. Our managers are concentrated, long-term value investors with a history of successfully compounding capital in a tax-efficient manner. We are extremely disciplined and highly selective -- of the 17,000 mutual funds available today, our clients' portfolios typically hold fewer than five. Once we purchase a mutual fund for a client, we intend to hold it for the long-term and thus, trading is held to a minimum.
Client's mutual funds are held in the client's name in the client's own individually managed Charles Schwab & Co. Institutional account. These portfolios offer daily liquidity and total transparency of account holdings. In addition, clients have access to Schwab's full suite of financial and banking services through Schwab Alliance, a dedicated website and support team exclusively for Schwab Institutional account holders.

Note: There are considerable material risks associated with this service. A complete description of our services and associated risks can be found in our Form ADV. Please read both documents carefully in considering an investment. Note:  This service is provided by Pacific Strategic Management, L.P., a registered investment adviser.

Long-Term Value Portfolio of Alternative Investments

Our alternative investment portfolio is offered through a  limited partnership of primarily concentrated long-term value private investment funds. Please call us for additional information.

Note: This partnership is exclusively available to qualified investors.