Focus on the Long-Term Compounding of Capital

We are decade investors, investing for the long-term, consistently striving to maximize our after-tax returns and minimize the permanent loss of capital. We are focused – investing is our only business.

Align our Interests with our Partners'

We treat our investors’ assets as if they were our own. Our principals have the majority of their liquid net worth invested alongside our limited partners. We would consider not accepting new investors if it would be to the benefit of our existing clients.

Commitment to Disciplined Due-Diligence

We will not stray from our intensive due-diligence process which allows us to identify money managers who are truly the "masters of their craft". We consider each manager's quality of character, investment training, discipline, integrity, focus, process, objectives, past experience and track record – the very same intense standards to which we hold ourselves and our firm.

Concentrate our Capital

We would rather allocate 100% of our capital to those five to ten managers in whom we have the most conviction, as opposed to investing even 1% of our capital with those managers in whom we have less conviction.


We will strive to keep a candid line of communications open with our investors.